uv-c module 80 w amalgam
  • uv-c module 80 w amalgam

UVC Module 80W Amalgam Immergeable

Naturally clean water for garden ponds 

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The Filtreau UV-C ECO ensures crystal-clear water. The sophisticated design and high quality materials produce high UV-C radiation with a wavelength of precisely 253,7nm. This high level of radiation kills almost all bacteria,viruses and even fungi, providing clear and clean water. 

Due to the extra wide aluminium housing, the water stays in contact with the UV-C radiation for an extra-long time. This broad housing also ensures that there is minimal pressure loss during the water treatment. The housing is polished on the inside to minimize the chance of any dirt sticking to the walls. Overall, this increases the effectiveness of the UV-C radiation 35%

Benefits Filtreau UV-C:

  • Kill mould, bacteria and algae
  • Reduces chlorine and other chemicals up to 80%
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Extra-large reactor for longer contact time 
  • 35% more UV-C produced by reflection
  • UV-C bulb life-span; 8000 hours
  • Easy installation
  • 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects
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